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Mixing  |  Mastering  |  Editing

Services provided:

  • Multitrack mixing

  • Mastering

  • Editing:

-Removing unwanted sounds (breaths, pops, “um’s” and “uh’s”, etc.)

-Seamlessly editing out mistakes, misspoken words, and wrong notes

-Beat alignment

-Mixing in soundtracks, sound effects, intros, or other segments

-Reducing background noise, echo, and reverberation

-Creating composite takes (comping) of vocals and other instruments

-Pitch correction/auto-tune

Software includes:

Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Cockos Reaper, iZotope RX, Celemony Melodyne, and plug-ins by Waves and FabFilter.


Visit the Contact page if you're ready to work together on your album, single, podcast, audiobook, or other editing needs.

Podcasts and Post-Production
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